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Eau de Parfum


An enticing gourmand fragrance with heady vanilla notes

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Named after an island off the coast of Madagascar well-known for the cultivation and export of a rare variety of vanilla, Reunion is a voluptuous gourmand fragrance with an intensely seductive and sensual twist. Soft and enveloping, the fragrance opens with a bracing flash of vanilla, to combine with a heart of toasted and spicy undertones. Sweet but never cloying, Reunion is well suited for both male and female.

Known in Central America since the Thirteenth century, vanilla is a spice derived from orchids that is widely used in the perfume and food industry. Vanillin, the phenolic aldehyde responsible for the characteristic taste and aroma of vanilla, is extracted using volatile solvents or by infusion. Of the 150 types of vanilla orchids, Bourbon vanilla, grown on the island of Réunion, is one of the most sought-after varieties. According to Totonac mythology, vanilla orchids grew from the blood of a princess who had been sacrificed to Tonacayohua, goddess of sowing and food.

TOP NOTES   Icing Sugar
HEART NOTES   Siamese Benzoin, Tonka Beans, Ambrette Seeds
BASE NOTES     White Musk, Vanilla Beans