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Eau de Parfum


The sultry scent of the East

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Evocative and intense, Malabar is a wave of rich and heady Oriental sensuality. An enveloping fragrance with warming notes of pepper and cardamom and a heart of ylang-ylang, Malabar rests on a scrumptious base of patchouli and vanilla that heightens desire and evokes passion.

Oriental perfumes take us to faraway lands, on a journey of scent discovery. Warmed by notes of spices, vanilla and patchouli, when complemented by woody and musky undertones, they unfurl an enveloping and intensely sensual trail. The addition of floral and aromatic scents brings a sweetly delicate and fresh twist to the classic oriental fragrance. With its heart of ylang-ylang, Malabar is a perfect example of an oriental scent with distinct floral undertones.

TOP NOTES   Tangerine, Cardamom, Cloves
HEART NOTES   Tonka Beans, Nut, Absinthe, Ylang-Ylang, Potassium Osmate, Heliotrope
BASE NOTES     Amber, Patchouli, Vanilla Beans