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Eau de Parfum


A voluptuous and delicate fragrance with coffee at its heart

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A sophisticated scent that blazes with exotic sensuality, Costa Rica opens with a bouquet of rose and jasmine onto an enticing heart of coffee with mellow toasted and amber notes. Soft like the gentle caress of a silk dress, Costa Rica is the perfect perfume for those with a fondness for sensuous luxury.

Sumptuous and enveloping, the full-bodied aroma of coffee absolute is a blend of different fragrances with hints of flowers and spice, of tobacco and cocoa, of toasted bread and hazelnut. While it is believed that Arabs were the first to roast and brew coffee, the history of the drink is deeply intertwined with mythology. A legend has it that it was an Ethiopian goat shepherd named Kaldi who first discovered the red berries from which coffee is extracted. At the end of the Sixteenth century, coffee made its way into Europe through Venice, soon becoming one of the best-selling and most popular brewed drinks in the world. Today Costa Rica is renowned for producing one of the best tasting arabica coffees of all Central America. Cultivated in the country since the late Eighteenth century, Costa Rican coffee is widely appreciated for its rich aroma and fruity, floral notes.

TOP NOTES   Rose, Geranium
HEART NOTES   Coffee, Cashmere Accord, Lebanese Cedar, Oud
BASE NOTES     Gray Amber, Musk