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Eau de Parfum

Discovery Pop Art

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Are you looking for your new signature scent or a fragrance-booster?

Look no further, we've got you covered. 

The Pop Discovery Set is the perfect purchase for those who wish to become acquainted with Optico's unique synthetic collection before committing to full-sized bottles.

You will be blown away by Optico's POP ART collection: each of the fragrances contains Amber Xtreme, a synthetic aroma-chemical that increases fragrance performance and longevity.

The Pop Discovery Set includes: BSX (Boost Smell Experience), a fragrance-booster to enhance your sensory experience and make any perfume last longer; BBG (Be Bubble Gum), a bubblegum scented perfume with notes of orange and strawberry; THC (The Highest Component), a green and fresh scent encapsulating all the aromatic nuances of cannabis flower essential oil; and SBE (Salty Breeze Explosion) an oceanic fragrance that feels like an invigorating splash of cold water on your skin.